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17. Shops.

3 www.index.com Index Catalogue
3 www.argos.co.uk Argos Catalogue
0 www.toysrus.co.uk Toys'R'Us
0 www.toyszone.co.uk ToyZone
0 www.staples.com Staples Office Supplies
0 www.bygone-times.co.uk Collection of objects
  www.diy.co.uk B & Q
  houseofbath.co.uk Mail Order Co. products for projects
  www.lakelandlimited.co.uk Mail Order Co. torches, clocks
  www.homefree.co.uk Mail Order Co. Radios
  www.innovations.co.uk Mail Order Co.
  www.whsmiths.co.uk W.H.Smiths
  www.Bibilofind.com Bookstore
  www.pond.com/~gsc Antique clocks
  www.wal.mart.com Wal-Mart US Superstores
  www.afo.com Advanced Furniture Outfitters
  www.vol.it/swatchshop Swatch Shop
  www.Kmart.com Kmart US Superstore
  www.learningstore.co.uk 1800 Educational CD's
  www.bookshop.com Millions of titles available
  www.homebase.co.uk Homebase DIY Store
  www.Etoys.co.uk E Toys
2 www.flying-pig.co.uk Cardboard engineering products
0 www.diynet.com
Directory of Home improvement products

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